Who we are
We are honor to introduce our WEPRA products to Market because we are IT, Security Consultant. We’re also Technology providers especially in security, controlling systems. we have a wide range of products to serve Reconnaissance And Surveillance System, Security And Controlling Systems.

Management Words
We at WEPRA, have a firm belief that it's all about abiding by providing a perfect quality, and being passionate and innovative in our own way. For this reason, we're committed and devoted to provide our clients with the best quality ever. We guarantee that our electronic products are uniquely designed with the highest creativity.
Our commitment and dedication proved to be worth it after such an expansion that our company witnessed. Our company now has been the favored one to our customers.
WEPRA provides a huge set of products, including CCTV, DVRs along with many others.
We left no stone unturned in overspreading our security systems all over the world. Our security systems are not only used at homes, but also in governmental institutions, business sectors, transportations (buses and airports and traffic), banks, schools, hospitals, factories and much more.
I am, representing the whole company appreciate and thank all of our clients, partners and consumers. You've always been and still the source that inspired us to achieve greater success.
Thank you!

We aspire to become a pivotal security consulting firm in the Middle East, offering governments, business sectors, and individuals, specialized knowledge and expertise to help achieve global competitiveness for our societies.
We will continually revolutionize Security Technology, surveillance with quality, and benefits, continuing to proactively create emerging real-time transactions. We quickly supply technology with unique new cultures and experiences also, to enhance inexpensive services; whilst continuing to efficiently and assertively manufacture innovative enterprise-scale, crowd- sourced products.

Business Philosophy
We protect your life, by building a strong reputation for delivering high-quality security products. At the same time, we set the standard for excellent customer service with full of flexible solutions.

Our Values

Our security systems are ever-lasting with a long useful life. Therefore our customers depend on our trustworthy products that are so powerful and reliable against any security threats.
We let our performance and achievements speak about us. We always think big and challenge ourselves to be better and fulfill our customers' highest expectations.
We not only care about the quality of the product, but also about its design. We seek to come up with the best design that matches international standards.

Global Presence
We provide assistance to security professionals all over the world, as to the services they offer to their customers. They completely account on our trust-worthy unique products as they are practical, worthwhile, and decent, providing a long-term and ever-lasting function. We assure you that we'll always deliver our products and services worldwide. Wherever you're, be sure that you can access our services and get our products without any obstacle.

• We're a highly- ranked senior company that provides security products and solutions. We're masters at manufacturing security, electronic products and services. We have the highest and most recent technology update regarding surveillance cameras, along with recorders, control alarm systems, home automation and intrusion alarms.
All WEPRA products shall come under a lot of strict tests to ensure their highest efficiency and reliability and to fulfill global standards.
• The technical support is one of most important priorities. We as IT experts are specialized in providing a customer focused technical support. This support ensures to our customers Saving time and effort
Introducing new ideas, providing flexible solutions, and solving any problems Providing accurate information and timely assistance.

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